Auction Wrap – 25th March 2017

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Auction Wrap – 25th March 2017 – According the the REIV, this weekend saw a clearance rate of 82 per cent was recorded compared to 79 per cent last weekend. There were 1192 auctions reported to the REIV, with 974 selling and 218 being passed in, 88 of those on a vendor bid. This time last year was Easter Weekend, therefore there were only 51 scheduled auctions.


Auction Spotlight

8 Talbot Street Hampton

Auctioneer Mark Earle announced that this property, a classic period home in between the beach and shopping strip on a large block size, would be sold today without being referred.

So on with the show we went. We were off! Awkward silence. The birds sang, a car drove past. And then Earle offered a vendor bid at 2.5m which then elicited a response of 2.55m from the right. Stalling before a bid on the left with a lady In green at 2.57, with 2.6m from the right.

A question if it was on the market was met in the negative.

Ms Green came back with 2.62m and that started a run of bids very quickly to 2.75m

On the market now with a new bidder at 2.8m, a shy young couple as far from the street as possible. That was their first and last bid.

The two original bidders now took it up to 2.926m, now up in 1 thousand bids.

And sold at that price to a young couple with a lovely young baby.


Auction held at 8 Talbot Street, Hampton

Other Interesting Results 

20 Villeroy Street Hampton – Marshall White Brighton

Passed in at auction; now on the market for $2.5m.


10 Orlando Street Hampton – Hocking Stuart Sandringham

Passed in at $1,700,000 vendor bid; now private sale.


23 Kinane Street Brighton – Marshall White Brighton

The top house sale in Melbourne comprising of 1279 square metres. Sold for $5,530,000 under the hammer. 3 bidders at auction.


Robin Parker at 23 Kinane Street, Brighton.


38 Wheatland Road Malvern – Marshall White Armadale

This gorgeous double fronted Victorian sold under the hammer for $3,620,000. Second largest sale for the day.

38 Wheatland Road in Malvern.

38 Wheatland Road in Malvern.

41 Avondale Street Hampton – Hodges Sandringham

Sold under the hammer $2,020,000. Two bidders on the day. Buyers were a young couple who had previously been unsuccessful at auctions in Hampton.

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