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How to Buy and Sell Your Home With Real Confidence

By: Nicole Jacobs

In SOLD! How to buy and sell your home with real confidence, one of Australia’s leading property experts and buyer’s advocate for The Block, Nicole Jacobs, shares her extensive experience on how to buy and sell your home.

Whether it is buying off the plan or selling a suburban home in a quiet suburb, Nicole gives you the keys to real estate success with information on topics such as due diligence checklists, how to work through exactly why you are buying, or whether renovating your existing home makes more sense, as well as buying tips, styling tips, selling ‘musts’ and all of the jargon that goes with real estate, contracts and titles. Nicole also arms you with the questions you should ask and the ground work and research you should undertake before setting out to an open house or calling an agent.

Whatever your motivation is, Nicole guides you through the process to make buying or selling your home or property as simple and stress-free as possible.

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