Emma and Mike’s Story


When coming to Australia from overseas, the process of buying and selling a property is complicated. We are very familiar with the property market in the UK and have experience in buying and selling in it, but we had no idea about the complexities and challenges of auction; private sale; expressions of interest etc which are wholly different in the Australian market.

We were incredibly fortunate to have met Nicole and her team, whose service has been consistently exceptional. Nicole not only supported us for a long time prior to purchase, but also advised on renovation ideas with huge knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, what is necessary and how to budget carefully staging a significant renovation.

Nicole brings outstanding professionalism, huge knowledge of the property market place and its trends and decades of experience in the field. She is supported by an equally dynamic team whose kindness and support to us cannot be underestimated.

Nicole has many clients but I know that she offers a totally personal service every time she engages with a buyer. She brings her very smart head and very big heart to people looking for a new home and importantly remains forever calm. She is clear, offers incredibly sound advice at all times, is always available for queries and her energy and commitment to her work and her clients are simply outstanding.

It would be impossible for us to recommend NJP more highly and I would never consider buying, selling or renovating without consulting Nicole in the first instance. The quality of the NJP service and their commitment to every client is simply unbeatable.

Kind regards.

Emma and Mike Hodgson

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