How To Attract Buyers


(Featured on Domain – April 2015)

How to attract Buyers?

So many factors are out of your control when selling your home. Will anyone turn up? How many people will be interested enough to buy it? How much will we get for it?

However, there is a substantial portion of the home’s sales result that lies directly in your hands as a vendor. Leave crystal ball questions in your chosen agent’s hands and take control of what you can do to influence the sale. You have control of 20 per cent of the sales result, if you know what to do.

  • Don’t keep things a secret – allow the agent to advertise your home properly. This includes: a board with photos and features, online listings and brochures which include a floorplan. Ensure attractive features of the property are printed out and available for prospective buyers to take home with them at every inspection. (i.e. rewiring, restumping, additional water tanks, proximity to various schools, parks, shops and transport etc).
  • Prepare your Contract of Sale and Vendor’s Statement (if in Victoria) by using a qualified solicitor or conveyancer before going to market. Often a buyer will come through your home and want to make an offer straight away or prior to auction. Be in a position to be able to consider this offer in writing via the Contract of Sale that includes the Vendor’s Statement disclosing information about the property. If this is not prepared before going to market you may be at risk of losing the opportunity – a costly mistake if it was an attractive offer.
  • Declutter and depersonalise the home by removing any unnecessary gadgets, papers, certificates, books and furniture. Clear the benchtops and organise your cupboards for prospective buyers who may open them to see the amount of storage available. Enlist the help of friends to help clear personal items, or call upon professionals.
  • Consider your street cred. More often than not, good agents will alert their list of prospective buyers of new listings via email or phone prior to opening for inspection opportunities. This often means that they will visit the property prior and, if the outside is not inviting, it may not be considered.
  • Tidy up the garden and remove weeds and plant fresh greenery. Placing mulch or bark over the garden beds can also bring it back to life and enhance existing plants. Paint the front door and gutters or windows if they need it (they may just need a clean!). Painting is one of those elements that if done well can add hundreds if not thousands of dollars to the end sale price.
  • Take a close look at the flow of your floor plan. Logical floor plans help to attract a broader range of buyers. While you may not be able to change structural features such as a wall in time to sell your home, opportunity exists to enhance the floor plan by making sure all passage ways and entrances remain clear. Move pieces around which will help to enhance the space and allow for good flow of traffic.
  • Clean your windows. This is an easy, cost-effective opportunity for viewers to see the “outside world”. Surprisingly it also makes internal features look great too by instantly opening the space and giving your home a fresh glow. Have these done before the photos are taken.
  • Repaint where required. As with the outside, you may need to look at re-painting areas inside as well. This will help to freshen the spaces up and allow potential buyers to concentrate on the space, as opposed to how many walls and ceilings they will be required to paint.
  • Enhance the style of your home. Add warmth to your freshly cleaned (painted) and decluttered home by adding splashes of colour with throws, cushions, lamps and rugs. Professional stylists can help with this and will work with what you already have as well as suggest additional pieces to hire or buy.
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