Introducing Client Stories…


Introducing Client Stores, our newest way to share the reviews and testimonials we receive from our wonderful clients.

The best part of our working day is securing a property for a client knowing we have made a real difference for them.

The scream of delight on auction day or a squeal in the background when I call to say “It’s yours!” is what makes our day.

We often have clients engage us after being frustrated at not being successful time and time again at auction. More often than not this frustration leads them to search for or even contemplate the wrong property because they just get sick of looking and missing out.

Read some great client experiences in bidding, negotiating and winning their dream properties.



Here’s a snippet of next week’s story…


The Challenge

The tightly held pocket known as the Gascoigne Estate in Malvern East is indeed an aspirational pocket for many.

A family approached us to purchase a home in the estate. The challenge, identifying who the competition would be and where the true value of the home lay as they rarely change hands. The campaign was an Expression of Interest Campaign and ‘interest’ or offer needed to be presented for a seat at the table.

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