Negotiation Masterclass – Knowing When To Walk


Client Story One

Negotiation Masterclass – Knowing When To Walk

The Challenge

The tightly held pocket known as the Gascoigne Estate in Malvern East is indeed an aspirational pocket for many.

A family approached us to purchase a home in the estate. The challenge, identifying who the competition would be and where the true value of the home lay as they rarely change hands. The campaign was an Expression of Interest Campaign and ‘interest’ or offer needed to be presented for a seat at the table.

The Outcome

The offer was presented and we soon found ourselves in the office of the selling agent. Armed with research and data to back up our offer we went back and forth with the agent and ‘another buyer’ in another room.

Negotiations went on for over two hours well into the evening. At the pointy end of the negotiation I called our client and advised that we needed to walk out the door.  We would leave the offer open ended but clear that we were not going any higher.

No sooner after a slow walk to the car, I received a call from the agent to come back as we had reached a sale. Our clients were thrilled to be purchasing a beautiful family home in this sought after area.


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