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When selling your property, little details can add up to a lot. The timing of the listing, the presentation of the property, the terms of sale, and so much more can really shift the needle on the final sale price.

With so much at stake, vendors need strategic advice from an independent expert source to help them gain as much advantage as possible in the market. Which is where we come in.

Vendor’s advocacy

We offer a service of vendor advocacy to ensure your property sale runs smoothly and successfully, from the first meeting up until the settlement of your property.

The real estate agent selling your home needs to have the insight and experience to best present, market, and show the property to the right people. With so many agents to choose from, the wrong choice can mean the difference between a celebration or commiseration on auction day.

It’s our job to help you find the right agent in the right agency, with the experience, network, and expertise at selling your type of property. We also understand you need to have a connection to the agent and knowing both parties, we strive to create a great match. We leverage our insider industry knowledge and book of contacts to assess and interview potential candidates, advising you on the best suited choice.

When selling your home, you’ll likely hear a lot of conflicting and often misleading advice. Which can be quite stressful given the decisions you make when selling your property can result in tens of thousands of dollars gained – or lost.

As independent advisors, we can provide you with objective advice on the value of the property, the appropriate method of sale, and other important considerations for achieving the highest return.

Our loyalty isn’t to our boss at the selling agency, a potential buyer or anyone else – it’s to you. Our singular goal is to ensure your home sells for the highest return possible with the least stress possible

We ensure you’ll pay a fair fee, that you won’t overpay for marketing, that you have the right staging advice – even with styling and landscaping advice for your target buyer.

We can take the entire load off your shoulders and manage the sale for you, liaising with your selling agent to keep them on the ball and ensure that everything is in place.

Finally, on sale day, we’ll work with the selling agent to identify buyers, take the pressure off you if you’re asked to accept a lower price and enter with any negotiations to get the maximum return.

From the marketing campaign, to the contracts, to the final inspection and everything in between, we give you the peace of mind that the process is being managed professionally by a team that’s in your corner.

Best of all, we won’t charge you anything.

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After 20 years in the business, we know what we’re doing. Creating that final celebratory champagne pop is in our DNA. With the stakes this high, you want us on your side.
We make connections. With people. With properties. With happy outcomes. We’re the bridge that connects you with your perfect outcome. We’re the trusted advisors by your side.
With standards this high, you’ll never have to compromise. We’ll ensure your sale goes smoothly and you get the best outcome possible. Because only the best will do.

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